Sri Aurobindo Handmade Paper

Established 1959, Pondicherry, India

Manufacturer and Exporter of Fine Cotton Paper & Handcrafted Stationery

Archival Paper & Board

Size Guide

Our range of archival paper & board is available in 1 size, detailed below. This range is suitable for archives & conservation. All pieces are made from 100% cotton and are acid-free.

Note that our "A"-sizes refer to the ISO paper size standard and not the US announcement paper size convention.

As our paper is made by hand, there is an inherent variance of ±10% in the sizes mentioned.

Product type Available sizes
Archival paper
archival paper & board in size imperial

Imperial Archival Paper

Our largest trimmed size of handmade paper at 30" x 22" (56cm x 76cm). Slightly smaller than A1 (59.4 x 84cm).

Width Approx. 30.0"
Height Approx. 22.0"
Colours Available in:

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