Sri Aurobindo Handmade Paper

Established 1959, Pondicherry, India

Manufacturer and Exporter of Fine Cotton-rag Paper & Handcrafted Stationery

Our Natural Cotton Paper

Our premium natural handmade cotton paper is perfect for premium crafts, art work, and stationery. Each sheet is hand lifted, pressed, and dried with care using age-old techniques from high quality, recycled, 100% white cotton rag. The result is soft yet crisp, print-friendly luxe paper which no other type of paper can compare to.

Sri Aurobindo Handmade Paper factory - Natural Paper

Our natural papers are available in plain or mottled with straw, sugar cane, wool, and come in a variety of weights.

Perfect for
Conservation & Craft

Media Suitable for digital printing
Colours Available in bespoke colours
Grades Available in 90gsm to 420gsm and above
Size Standard size of 56cm x 76cm, or cut down to preference

Technical Details & Sustainability

Material Made by hand from 100% cotton
Acidity Naturally acid-free and lignin-free
Finish Finished on a cold press to a medium-smooth texture
Sourcing Cotton off-cuts sourced from the textile industry in south India which helps to reduce waste which would otherwise become landfill
Water treatment Post-production water is treated on site and used again in our production line for secondary activities as well as in our gardens

Availability & Ordering

Quantities Available in packs of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500 sheets
Pricing Tiered pricing with a discount available on each pack size, 50% saving for quantities of 500 sheets and more
Shipping Both express and cargo shipping available for domestic and international customers

Earth-Conscious Papermaking

100% Recycled

The cotton in our paper comes from recycled off-cuts sourced from the textile industry in south India, which helps to reduce the waste which would otherwise become landfill.

100% Tree-Free

Cotton is the only raw material used in our paper, a natural source of strong and long fibres which is also naturally acid-free, perfect for paper with a high permanence.

100% Zero Waste

Our papermaking starts with a recycled material and ends with recycled waste too. After use, our papermaking water is treated and reused in our papermaking and in our gardens. Our paper off-cuts are also used to help strengthen subsequent production batches.

Samples Of Our Styles

Handmade paper


Handmade deckle edge paper in ivory


Handmade deckle edge paper in ivory & straw

Ivory & Straw

Handmade deckle edge paper in blush


Handmade deckle edge paper in sky blue

Sky Blue

Handmade paper

Light Grey

Handmade paper

Tinted Kalahari

Handmade paper


Handmade paper

Baikal Dark

Handmade paper

Prune Red

Handmade paper


Handmade paper


Handmade paper in Mathura


Handmade deckle edge paper in dark green

Dark Green

Handmade in Deep Blue

Deep Blue

Handmade deckle edge paper in black


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